JOCOM - Product Gramps Asia Bye-Bye Cicak 150ml

Gramps Asia Bye-Bye Cicak 150ml

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Bye-Bye Cicak (gecko) repellent functions to repel cicak and also small insects in the living area functioning as a pest control. The repellent formulation works by stinging the body when it comes to contact with the sprayed area making it extremely unpleasant for the cicak. At the same time the smell emitted from the repellent discourages the cicak from moving further into your living space.

The product is made with 100%-plant-based ingredients and you can spray it safely over where you store your food and even underneath plates of food to deter any ant invasion. Even if you use it around your babies and pets, it is completely safe.

The formulation is water-based and it doesn’t leave any residual stains behind. In fact, it leaves a spicy-herb scent that is pleasant but most importantly, it works!

150ml equivalent to 300 spray per bottle.

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