Jocom the 1st Malaysia Online Grocer App, is an m-commerce platform specialized in online groceries and shopping. Jocom revolutionized the way you buygroceries and shopping online via your smart phone.

Our nameshake tagline, "Just Order Conveniently On Mobile", was formed tospecifically highlight our mission; tp provides a fully integrated solution which safeguards both the consumers and the vendors. Jocom seek to offer this new convenient solution as a means to aid traditional business by providing them cutting-edge platform to connect between rural farmers, traders and vendors with affluent consumers via e-commerce.

It is the new gateway of doing business, conveniently on app. With no additional cost, merchants will have the oppunity to promote their products here, with the flexible price system they cen leverage on. It helps promote merchants through product listing, coupled alog with a flexible price system with no additional cost! Jocom is THE plateform to go-to for any SME wishing to gain exposure to the online mass market.


Jocom's mission is to address and develop solutions that impact lives of both consumers and businesses through innovative m-commerce technology. This mission is guided by the following objectives :

  • Simple to use
  • Convenience
  • Accessible to all
  • QR code enabled
  • Minimal cost in participation

The company aims to develop revolutionary mobile applications to provide consumers a new mode of shopping from the advent of mobile apps technology. This will assist businesses in transition into new frontier of online business environment, proving to be beneficial for the business community altogether.


Driven by a passion and pursuit of excellence in the field of computer technology. Jocom's, vision is to utilise technology as an innovative, yet effective tool to help drive the comfort to your home and offices. Joshua Sew, founder and co-owner, seek to help existing businesses reinvent themselves to face the coming age of e-commerce.

The dream of being able to Just Order Conveniently On Mobile without needing to leave one's home helps build a bridge to shorten the gap between vendors and consumers. Consumers can buy items and make payment online even as they are on the move outside too.

Online shopping platform was presented and developed by Joshua Sew. Jocom welcomes all vendors, especially SMEs, to onboard with us for gaining exposure to the vast online market, both local and international.



We are a business that values our people. Our employer brand is paramount to our ability to attract the best talent at the rate we need to match our pace of growth. Our values lie within the heart of our culture, which reflect upon our entrepreneurial spirit and drive, where we prefer the thrills of change over the risks of stagnancy.


Our business is built on innovation, developing solutions, and on delivering world-class services. Our recruitment team has been effective in meeting the significant challenge of recruiting employees needed for our continuous growth. With our total employee numbers growing by over 29% in the period, we attract and encourage promising candidates to apply directly for roles with JOCOM, rather than relying it to third party agencies.

Keeping this process in-house enables us to not only bring in like-minded people onto our well-invested team, but it also proved to be cost effective, setting us up to reinvest these saving back to our learning and development programs. Our focus remains on drawing in talents with can-do attitude who share our entrepreneurial spirit and determination to succeed. We take pride in being recognised as one of the top graduate recruiters, providing us with the opportunity to pick young, up-and-coming professionals at the start of their career.


We provide industry leading service in terms of order accuracy and timely delivery. On a regular basis, our customers comments on the outstanding service provided by our dedicated Customer Service Team.


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