Jocom delivering from the Heart <3

We are pleased to share that GROCERY 4 CHARITY have been placing our grocery order with JOCOM for the past 2 months! Not only did we deliver groceries and necessities smoothly to our dearest old folks at Tong Sim senior citizens care centre, we were kind enough to throw in some extras to support our cause!

During this pandemic, it is ever hard for non profits like these to run and procure the necessary essentials for the old folks.

With the convenience of ordering essentials online and having them arranged + delivered, we ensure that our contributions will be made in the most cost effective and convenient manner possible which would benefit all parties.

Feedback from Grocery 4 Charity

Once again, the Grocery4Charity team would like to thank all parties involved into making our recurring contributions a success
PSA : We are always looking for more contributors for our project! If you would like to provide some funds, even any amount, feel free to contact our page and get in touch with the team!


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