(Reporter He Hongbin) On November 26th, the opening ceremony of the Malaysian discount network in 2018 and the Malaysian government and enterprises' visit to Jin Dynasty were grandly opened in the Taiyuan Wusu Comprehensive Bonded Zone. The activity aims to respond to the country's “One Belt, One Road” economic development strategy, jointly promote the interaction between Malaysia and the bonded area enterprises, and jointly promote the development of bilateral trade.



    Founded in 2015, JOCOM is an Internet business e-commerce company supported by the Malaysian government for consumers in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and China. Created the first e-commerce industry in Malaysia with B2B and B2C "Internet App Supermarket". JOCOM specializes in online sales of major international and local food and beverage brands, as well as one-stop solutions for ordering, payment, warehousing and distribution, completely changing consumers from offline. The trend of shopping on the line has created a more convenient shopping eco mode. In 2016, JOCOM was also selected by the Malaysian government and Alibaba Group as one of Malaysia's leading food and beverage suppliers, and currently has close cooperation with Alibaba's companies. In 2017, JOCOM successfully entered into a cooperation agreement with China's famous e-commerce company, Seabird City. Through the cooperation with Seabird City, JO-COM brought more quality products to the company. The Chinese market; at the same time, we must promote more Chinese quality products to Malaysia and other surrounding countries. In 2018, under the leadership and support of Taiyuan Wusu Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Seabird City, the discount network successfully settled in the Taiyuan Wusu Free Trade Zone, and put the imported goods into the bonded warehouse, which was sold throughout the country. At the same time, the JOCOM store will soon launch the China Pavilion. By then, products from Shanxi and other provinces can be directly targeted to overseas users.
    Subsequently, the Malaysian government and business representatives successively inspected the Wusuo Comprehensive Bonded Zone Bonded Warehouse, the Qingkong Innovation Base and the Alcoholic Group, and learned more about the relevant investment attraction.