A collaboration between Jocom (1st Malaysian Online M-Commerce Grocery App) and 28 Days (1st Malaysian Online Postnatal Care Network)


Jocom, the 1st Malaysian Online M-Commerce Grocery App, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with online postnatal care network, 28 Days, to mark their collaboration. This MOU outlines Jocom’s commitment to support 28 Days with the supply and delivery of confinement ingredients and products like confinement herbs, ginger, farm range chicken, diapers and others. With the advent of online shopping and the world of information at one’s fingertips, many moms-to-be have embarked on searching for the best deals and information over the Internet.


It is this growth and demand of online shopping and postnatal care that inspired Jocom and 28 Days to partner together to meet market needs. While Jocom focuses on the delivery of edible and consumer goods, 28 Days offers unparalleled expertise to moms-to-be in search of postnatal caretakers, fondly known as “pui yuet”, through its online search platform. The 28 Days platform lists the profiles and services of caretakers available allowing moms-to-be to make informed decisions when choosing their postnatal caregiver.


“We believe online groceries can further revolutionize the confinement industry,” said Agnes Chua, Managing Director of Jocom. “Jocom fills an unexplored market gap by being the first M-Commerce grocery app to offer door-to-door delivery of confinement ingredients to moms undergoing confinement,” she continued. Wong Chui Ling, Co-founder of 28 Days, agrees and adds that with Jocom as their partner, moms and confinement households don’t have to worry about who’s going to do the shopping, and can rest assured with the quality of goods and punctuality of delivery. “With the population of Malaysia expected to increase to 50 million by 2050, I believe this industry has enormous potential growth,” she further added.


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