WASHINGTON   (Reporter He Hongbin) 6 Yue 13 days, the Malaysian government JOCOM network and Malaysia's largest logistics providers MACROLINK EXPRESS Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Hanwen and his entourage to Taiyuan Wusu comprehensive Free Trade Zone investigation and study and discussion.

The relevant person in charge of the bonded area briefed the Malaysian guests on the development and construction of the park, policy support, information construction, financial services, etc., and welcomed other organizations to visit the bonded area. 2013 Nian 12 Yue 28 , Taiyuan Wusu Comprehensive Bonded Zone officially "gate" has been run, the park features a special advantage "customs territory", and set up a bridge in the inland city of Taiyuan and the world, for the enterprise vertical and horizontal markets at home and abroad It has opened up a new channel; it has opened up a new window for the development of an export-oriented economy in our province with a policy of first-make and policy innovation, and has also built a new highland for the opening up of the province.

Shanxi Sea Bird City has established a general trade agreement with the Malaysian government's JOCOM network with the goal of “based on the bonded area, singing Shanxi Province, covering the northwest and piloting the whole of China” . The two containers of goods will be transported to the Taiyuan Wusu Bonded Area Bonded Warehouse. Going into the Shanxi market, among them, Malay bird's nest has passed the Malaysian international certification. As the largest logistics company in Malaysia, MACROLINK EXPRESS Co., Ltd. has established economic and trade cooperation with seven countries. The cooperation between Seabird City and its strong will definitely promote the development of cross-border e-commerce in Shanxi.

A delegation from Malaysia visited the office of the comprehensive bonded park, the bonded warehouse and the “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation center of Haibird City, and listened carefully to the briefings of relevant responsible persons to learn more about the planning and layout of the relevant industrial system in the comprehensive bonded area.

Mr. Xiao Wenqin, Chairman of the Malaysian Network Marketing Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Malaysia , Ms. Cai Huibing, Chairman of JOCOM Malaysia , and Lin Xuefen, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanxi Province, Li Hongxia, Director of Shanxi Market Guide, and Xu Yingchao , Head of Shanxi Seabird Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Chen Yinan and other escorts visited and discussed.

At the matchmaking meeting in the afternoon, the participants frankly discussed and solved the problems that existed for cross-border e-commerce for many years. They will develop cross-border logistics software that is in line with Shanxi's reality and develop a practical working mechanism.

According to reports, on the 25th of next month , Seabird City will bring the famous products of our province to Malaysia for inspection. In August , the Malaysian government will visit again to promote in-depth cooperation between the province and surrounding provinces and Malaysia.