Shanxi News Network June 13 (Reporter Wang Xiaoyan) Today, the Malaysian government JOCOM network and Malaysia's largest logistics company MACROLINK EXPRESS Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Hanwen, Malaysia Network Marketing Association Chairman Xiao Wenqin, Feili Governor, Malaysia JOCOM Chairman Ms. Cai Huibing, etc. A group of four people came to Wusu Comprehensive Insurance Zone for inspection.
  “At present, no matter whether it is policy service or technical support, there are no obstacles for cross-border e-commerce, and Shanxi also provides enterprises with cross-border e-commerce public service platform and maximum funding subsidies.” Wusu Bonded Area Leader The development and construction, policy support, information construction, and financial services of the comprehensive bonded area were introduced in detail, and they were welcome to organize other countries to visit Shanxi. Xiao Wenqin frequently nodded after listening.

        Xiao Wenqin said that he is confident in the Shanxi market and is willing to share the logistics experience of the trade group with Shanxi, and bring good products from Malaysia to Shanxi and China. He will also bring Shanxi products to the seven ASEAN countries and even Australia, Europe, etc. The country goes.
  At the symposium, the participating parties conducted in-depth communication and exchanges on how cross-border e-commerce products entered the Wusu Comprehensive Insurance Zone and expanded the trade between Shanxi Province and Malaysia. The two sides expressed the need to further strengthen project docking and promote trade cooperation.
  The Malaysian delegation also inspected the office area of ​​Wusu Comprehensive Security Zone, the bonded warehouse and the “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation center of Haibird City. The inspection will last until the 15th.