JOCOM - Product Snappea Richly Chocolate UHT Plant Based Pea Milk 1L
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Snappea Richly Chocolate UHT Plant Based Pea Milk 1L

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RM 37.25

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With Richly Chocolate Snappea, the world becomes a warm, delightful place. Recall the smell of toasty hot chocolate, and the luxurious creaminess of it when done right. That right there is how we make this chocolate pea-based drink. Done creamy. Done velvety. Done right.

A Guilt-Free Cocoa Dream
Canadian peas get plucked right off their stalks, and cacao beans get blitzed up to become the 100% pure cocoa powder we use in this drink. Sure, we could use fillers in our cocoa powder. But we’d rather give you that rich chocolate taste you so love.

Breakfast on the go? Blend with bananas for an instant protein smoothie. The creamy consistency of Richly Chocolate Snappea lends itself perfectly to make amazing chocolate chia pudding too!

• Vegan
• High Protein
• Plant-Based Calcium
• Lactose-Free
• Gluten-Free
• Soy-Free
• Non-GMO

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